2018 Graduate Student Seminar Series Top Presenters



Left to Right: Mike Lucas, Alysha Helenic, Gosia Chwatko


The department is pleased to announce the top presenters for the 2018 Graduate Student Seminar Series, as voted by attending first-year and third-year Ph.D. students:


Mike Lucas (Keitz Group)
Influence of Exogenous Materials on the Nucleation of Amyloid-Beta

Mike’s research focuses on controlling the aggregation of Amyloid-Beta using porous materials to ultimately aid in therapeutic design for Alzheimer’s Disease.


Gosia Chwatko (Lynd Group)
Sustainable Polymers from Microbial Feedstocks

Gosia presented research about a biologically produced molecule which she turned into a polymer.

Alysha Helenic (Freeman Group)
Separation of Monovalent Ions for Water Purification and Resource Recovery

Alysha’s research focused on creating polymer membranes to recover specific ions from solution, such as lithium from the water that is produced as a byproduct of hydraulic fracturing.


A special thanks to corporate partner representatives Chris Quinn (AkzoNobel), Josh Engstrom (Bristol-Myers Squibb), Janet Schepcoff and Kevin Cadien (DuPont) and Thomas Tulig (Shell). We are very grateful for partner contributions and support of this seminar series.

Thanks to all the speakers for their thoughtfulness in presenting, to graduate students Lauren Cordova and Mike Lucas for organizing the weekly seminars and to Professor Hal Alper for overseeing the program.

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