Poster Printing

Departmental sponsored research posters can be printed in-house.

There are two poster templates that we encourage you to use.  The template follows appropriate departmental branding and is standard scientific poster size (36″ x 48″). Due to paper sizing limits, we cannot provide different sized posters.

Please download a copy of the PowerPoint ChE Poster Template HERE.


  • Do not change the size or location of the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering logo.
  • Please refrain from using any other UT Austin emblems or logos on the poster such as the Longhorn or the UT Seal. We are not permitted to print those, per UT branding regulations.
  • Again, we cannot accommodate posters that are not 36″ x 48″.

When ready to print, please use this form to submit your poster printing request.  Be sure to title your poster file with your full name.

*All posters will be reviewed by the department prior to printing. Please note, it takes approximately two business days for a poster to be printed. If you submit a request without providing two business days notice, we may not be able to accommodate your print request.

>>Before you hit ‘Submit,’ check out our helpful poster printing checklist!

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