Ankit Agrawal Wins Streetman Prize

Ankit Agrawal stands on the engineering bridge with the CPE lawn and the orange clock knot sculpture in the background.Ankit Agrawal of Texas ChE’s Milliron Research Group has been awarded the 2017 Ben Streetman Prize, a university-wide award given annually for outstanding research by a graduate student in electronic and photonic materials and devices.

Agrawal was recognized for his work on tunable multi-scale infrared plasmonics with metal oxide nanocrystals, which looks at developing the fundamental understanding of the correlation between the materials’ intrinsic properties, such as crystal structure and dielectrics, and its functional electronic and optical properties. The work is being supervised by Professor Delia Milliron and is assisting her team to develop next-generation optoelectronic devices such as energy-efficient smart windows that can control the amount of light and heat passing through.

The Streetman Prize was created in 2001 by former students of Ben Streetman, who served as dean of the Cockrell School of Engineering from 1996 to 2008.

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