Program Schedule

All sessions take place in the Engineering Education and Research Center (EER) level 0 in the Mulva Auditorium. Special thanks to our corporate partners Carbon, Rochal Industries and Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler, LLP for their support of this event.



7:30 am Breakfast
8:30 am Opening Remarks
8:40 am Welcome
Session Chairs: Brandon Rowe (Dow Chemical), Sue Mecham (University of North Carolina)
8:50 am New Polymeric Nanolayered Systems by Continuous Co-extrusion-Forced Assembly
Eric Baer, Case Western Reserve University
9:20 am A Membrane Approach to CO2 Capture
Richard Baker, Membrane Technology and Research
9:50 am Break
10:10 am Permeability, Polymer Blends and Membrane Separation: Over 50 Years of Following Don Paul’s Outstanding Contributions
Lloyd Robeson, Air Products and Lehigh University
10:40 am From Fundamentals to Application: Taking Don Paul’s Guidance to Develop New Membrane Materials
Zachary Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
11:10 am Living Polymerization of Epoxides using Mono-μ-oxo-dialuminum (MOD) Initiators
Nathaniel Lynd, The University of Texas at Austin
11:40 am Stop Prototyping. Start Producing: the transition of 3D printing to 3D Manufacturing
Joe DeSimone, University of North Carolina and Carbon
12:10 am Lunch
Session Chairs: Keith Murphy (Air Products), Michele Galizia (University of Oklahoma)
2:00 pm From the Early Contributions of Don Paul in Hydrogels and Drug Delivery to a New Generation of Intelligent Materials
Nicholas Peppas, The University of Texas at Austin
2:30 pm Making Smart Windows Smarter with Near-UV   Organic Solar Cells Providing Onboard Power
Lynn Loo, Princeton
3:00 pm Programming Surface Energy Driven Marangoni Convection to Pattern Polymer Films
Christopher Ellison, University of Minnesota
3:30 pm Unlocking the Full Potential of Carbon Nanotubes
Clive Bosnyak, Molecular Rebar
4:00 pm Don Paul: Fifty Years at Texas; More Than Fifty Years My Friend
Hal Hopfenberg, NCSU
4:30 pm Membrane Engineering in our Life
Enrico Drioli
5:00 pm Reception
EER Commons – Level 0
6:30 pm Celebration Banquet
EER Commons – Level 0




7:30 am Breakfast
8:30 am Introductory Comments
Judy Riffle, Virginia Tech
Session Chairs: Tim Fornes (Lord Corporation), Ivy Huang (Membrane Technology and Research)
8:40 am Seeing Things Clearly, Saying Them Honestly and Simply: This Defines Don Paul
William Koros, Georgia Institute of Technology
9:10 am Structure/property Relationships in Polymer Membranes for Water Purification and Energy Applications
Geoff Geise, University of Virginia
9:40 am Break
10:00 am Entrepreneurial Activities in Biomedical Materials
Joe Salamone, Rochal Industries
10:30 am Challenges and Opportunities in Solar-driven Carbon Dioxide Reduction
Daniel Miller, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
11:00 am Membrane Separations for the Purification of Gene Therapy Agents
Andrew Zydney, Pennsylvania State University
11:30 am Lunch
Session Chair: Jovan Kamcev (University of California, Berkeley)
2:00 pm Challenging Paradigms of the Glass Transition: Novel Experiments from 20 Million Year Old Amber to Vapor Deposited Ultra-stable Polymer Films
Greg McKenna, Texas Tech University
2:30 pm Polymers for High Resolution Imaging Applications
Grant Willson, The University of Texas at Austin
3:00 pm Professor Don Paul’s Early Days at UT Austin
Carl Locke, University of Kansas
3:30 pm Oxygen and Moisture Barrier from Polyelectrolye-clay Nanocoatings
Jamie Grunlan, Texas A&M
4:00 pm Symposium Address: Thermodynamics of Polymer Blends
Donald Paul, The University of Texas at Austin
5:00 pm  Reception




7:30 am Breakfast
Session Chair: Qiang Liu (Dow Chemical)
8:30 am Designing Polymer-based Electrolytes with High Lithium Ion Transference Number and Conductivity
Bryan McCloskey, University of California, Berkeley
9:00 am 50 Years of Block Copolymer Technology
Carl Willis, Kraton Polymers
9:30 am Energy Saturation: An Alternative Mechanism for the Glass Transition
Isaac Sanchez, The University of Texas at Austin
10:00 am Break
10:15 am Precisely Functionalized Molecular Nanoparticles are Unique Elements for Macromolecular Science: From “Nonoatoms” to Giant Molecules
Stephen Cheng, University of Akron
10:45 am
Ionic Membranes for Desalination
Judy Riffle, Virginia Tech
11:15 am Membranes for Gas and Liquid Separations: From Fundamentals to Applications
Benny Freeman, The University of Texas at Austin
11:45 am
12:15 pm Adjourn


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