Peppas Honored with Inaugural Pioneer of Nanomedicine Award

Dr. Nicholas Peppas recieves the inaugural Pioneer in Nanomedicine Award from Johns Hopkins UniversityThe John Hopkins Center for Nanomedicine recently honored McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering professor Nicholas Peppas with the inaugural Pioneer of Nanomedicine Award, recognizing individuals whose work is at the intersection of nanotechnology and medicine and has profoundly impacted society and human health.

As part of the honor, Peppas delivered a talk at the Center for Nanomedicine’s Seminar Series, titled “The Promise of Biotechnology: Solving Scientific Puzzles in Biomaterials and Drug Delivery.”

“Dr. Peppas was selected to acknowledge his pioneering work in biomaterials, drug delivery, and bionanotechnology,” said Director of the center, Justin Hanes. “His work in these areas has laid the fundamental foundations of understanding that underpins countless successful medical products that have impacted the lives of people all over the world.”

The Pioneer in Nanomedicine Award is sponsored by generous donations from Shire, the Catalent Applied Drug Delivery Institute, the Johns Hopkins University, the Wilmer Eye Institute, the Center for Nanomedicine at Johns Hopkins and includes a $25,000 prize.​

Peppas is a professor of chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, pharmacy, and surgery and perioperative care at UT Austin, and holds the role of director at the Institute of Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Regenerative Medicine. Other recent accolades received by Peppas include the 2016 Pritzker Distinguished Lectureship award and appointment to the National Materials and Manufacturing Board.

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