Adam Heller Featured in ECS Masters Series

The Electrochemical Society sat down with Professor Emeritus Adam Heller as part of the ECS Masters video series, highlighting interviews with key figures in electrochemistry, solid state science and technology fields. The interview was filmed during the 228th ECS Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, as part of ECS’ recognition of Heller as the 78th Honorary Member of the Electrochemical Society, a prestigious honor that is only bestowed upon long-standing ECS members who have made exceptional contributions to the advancement of electrochemistry and allied disciplines.

In the video, Heller, who has made profound advancements in electrochemical engineering, talks with Roque Calvo, executive director and chief executive officer of ECS, about his life, successes, hardships and inspirations in industry and academia.

From lithium batteries to photoelectrochemistry to biomedical engineering, Heller’s impact on the science of electrochemistry is astounding. He co-invented the painless blood glucose monitor, conceived the electrical wiring of redox enzymes, and applied these in continuous monitoring of glucose in diabetic people. Heller’s wired glucose oxidase forms the core of the most advanced, continuous glucose monitoring system for diabetes management. His work on healthcare-related electrochemical products had enormous societal and economic impact.

ECS recognized Heller for his honorary membership, as well as for winning the ECS Europe Section Heinz Gerischer Award, at a special awards ceremony and dinner at the 228th ECS Meeting on Oct. 11, 2015.

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