Contreras And Eldridge Win 2015 TEAChE Awards

Head shots of Dr. Bruce Eldridge and Dr. Lydia Contreras who received the 2015 TEAChE AwardDrs. Lydia Contreras and Bruce Eldridge were announced as the winners of the 2015 TEAChE Awards during the 2015 Fall Graduation Lucheon. Both professors were selected through votes made by students who have graduated within the past two years.

The award, given every other year, was established in honor of three outstanding professors emeriti: Dr. Bob S. Schechter, James E. Stice and Eugene H. Wissler. Together they contributed 109 years of service to the department.  The award is made based on feedback from recent graduates and emphasizes the importance of teaching excellence.

“I can’t think of two faculty members who are doing more to contribute to the complete education of our students,” said Dr. Thomas Truskett, chairman of the department. “It’s particularly fitting that the students have called them out for recognition in this year in which we are celebrating a century of education, leadership, and innovation.”

Contreras has been with the department since 2011 and currently teaches CHE 317 Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis, CHE 322 Thermodynamics and CHE 379/384 Fundamentals and Applications of Cellular Regulation.

Eldridge has been with the department since 1996 and currently teaches CHE 473K Plant Design.

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