Fall 2015 Undergraduate Research Poster Competition Winners

The department is pleased to announce winners of the fall 2015 Undergraduate Research Poster Competition:

Head shot of Nayan Mukherjee, first place winner of the 2015 Undergraduate Poster CompetitionFirst Place

Nayan Mukherjee (Johnston Group)
Surfactants for Enhanced Oil Recovery
$100 prize

Nayan’s research focuses on studying the interfacial chemistry of surfactants used to generate foams for Enhanced Oil Recovery. The goals are to increase the volume of crude oil that can be extracted from oil reservoirs and to sequester carbon dioxide that would otherwise be going into the atmosphere underground.



Head shot of Erin Maines, second place winner of the 2015 Undergraduate Poster CompetitionSecond Place

Erin Maines (Willson Group)
High-x Block Copolymers based on Vinyl Pyridine for Microelectronic Applications
$75 prize

Erin works with block copolymers for application in the microelectronics industry. Block copolymers are a good alternative to the current industry processes to create transistors and chips, and can form features that are smaller than the current features in the industry to allow microelectronics to continue to shrink.  



Head shot of Bijal Patel, third place winner of the 2015 Undergraduate Poster CompetitionThird Place

Bijal Patel (Ekerdt Group)
Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition Enabled by Microcontact Printing
$50 prize

Bijal works to develop new fabrication techniques for microelectronics manufacturing. Through the use of Microcontact printing and atomic layer deposition, Bijal and the Ekerdt group hope to provide a robust, low cost, alternative to traditional photolithography and etch processes. This technique will greatly support rapid prototyping in academic labs and in biotech applications.



Thanks to graduate student judges Joseph Cheng, Caleb Alexander, Bart Dear, Camila Saez Cabezas, Amro Elhag, Lauren Cordova, Cara Touretzky and Shruti Jain. Also, thanks to the AIChE student chapter for providing this semester’s prizes.

Students are encouraged to participate in this competition, which takes place every semester in the McKetta Study Hall, to showcase their research and sharpen their presentation skills.

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