Valerie Vines

Headshot of Freshman ChE student Valerie VinesClassification: Freshman

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Research Area: I’m interested in sustainable materials and biotechnology

Why I chose to study Chemical Engineering: I chose Chemical Engineering because of it’s versatility: we ChemEs are everywhere! I’ve always planned on taking an environmental route with my studies and I knew Chemical Engineering would expose me to all the chemistry and system processes needed to be able to develop new sustainable materials.

My advice for incoming freshmen: Get outside your comfort zone and try a few new things. You’ll never have another opportunity quite like college to branch out redefine yourself.

Favorite place to eat in Austin: Kerbey Lane Cafe

Favorite class: Economics. It’s not engineering, but I find it fascinating!

Three things most people don’t know about me:

  1. I’ve competed at the Junior National Olympics for Water Polo.
  2. I was an officer of my high school’s Fruit and Grilled Cheese Club.
  3. I can play a bit of drum set.
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Freshman ChE student Valerie Vines

Freshman ChE student Valerie Vines

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