Shallaco McDonald Wins ChE Staff Spotlight Award

Shallaco McDonald, Technical Staff AssistantTechnical staff assistant Shallaco “Shak” McDonald has been awarded a ChE Staff Spotlight Award.

Since joining the staff in 2014, McDonald’s impact on the department’s research initiatives has been tremendous. McDonald is known for his friendly and patient attitude, as well as for the helpful services he provides our research labs through the design and construction of critical parts and equipment. Because of his knowledge and willingness to learn, many of his services remain local and only require outside entities when absolutely necessary.

One nominator described parts that McDonald machined as “better than the products being sold”. Another said, “Because of his quick turnaround times and high craftsmanship, I have been able to conduct multiple experiments per month rather than one or two and at no cost to my PI.” His work is characterized as attentive, thorough, efficient, timely and professional.

“Shak is a key component of our educational and research mission and we are proud to work with him,” Dr. Thomas Truskett, chairman of the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering, said. “On behalf of the students, faculty and staff, we are especially happy to recognize him with a ChE Spotlight Award.”

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