Schyler Gilmour

Classification: SeniorHeadshot of Schyler Gilmour

Hometown: Panama City, Panama (High School)/ Washington D.C. (Current)

Research Area: Previous research in biochemistry and interest in pursuing polymer research

Why I chose to study Chemical Engerineering: I have always loved chemistry and my high school was right next to the Panama Canal, the mechanics of which fascinated me. I knew I wanted to pursue science, and chemical engineering was the perfect challenge that combined my love of chemistry with real-life applications.

What I love about Austin: The streets pulse to the beat of endless live music, delicious Tex-Mex, and natural beauty, like the Greenbelt and Lady Bird Lake, which I have the privilege to row on every morning. Austin is unique because everyone is embraced for their weirdness and I’m absolutely enamored with this gorgeous city.

Favorite spot on campus: On the East side of the UT Tower, where the bluebells grow, I like to sit and contemplate the inscription on the wall of the Mary E. Gearing Hall, “O Earth what changes hast thou seen”.

What I like to do in my spare time: Take advantage of the opportunities UT and Austin provide by trying something new all the time. Whether it be archery, trapeze, lock-picking, Broadway shows, salsa dancing or slack-lining!

Three things most people don’t know about me:
1. I spent my childhood living overseas because my father is a diplomat, before I came to UT I had never lived in the United States.
2. I walked on to the UT Women’s Rowing Team freshman year and have been rowing ever since.
3. I’ve visited every continent!

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