Grad Student Krystian Perez Wins Energy Research Fellowship

Pecan Street staff join winners of the Pike Powers energy research fellowship. Pictured are (left to right): Pecan Street’s Matthew Crosby, Vedran Lešić, Brock Glasgo, Krystian Perez and Pecan Street CTO Bert Haskell.Graduate Student Krystian Perez (Edgar Group) won first place in the Pike Powers Energy Research Fellowship Awards at the International WikiEnergy Data Conference hosted by Pecan Street Inc. at UT Austin June 3-4, 2014.

“We put our groundbreaking energy research dataset in the hands of the world’s best researchers, and they truly delivered,” said Pecan Street Inc. CEO Brewster McCracken. “We look forward to more research, more WikiEnergy conferences and more innovation.”

Researchers submitted papers that addressed critical industry questions that were reviewed by a panel of Pecan Street’s research advisory board and researchers.

Fellowship winners are:

First place ($10,000): Krystian Perez, UT-Austin, Ph.D. student, for his paper titled “Meters to models: Using smart meter data to predict and control home energy use.

Second place ($2,500): Brock Glasgo, Carnegie Mellon University, Ph.D. student, for his paper titled “Understanding the potential for electricity savings and assessing feasibility of a transition towards DC-powered buildings.”

Third place ($1,000): Vedran Lešić, Carnegie Mellon University, Ph.D. student, for his paper “Understanding customers’ (mis)perceptions of home energy use.

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