Top Presenters Announced For Grad Student Seminar Series

Top presenters Josh Laber, Nathan Fine,  and Alex Pak stand at the back of the Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Building holding up signs with logos of corporate partners for the Graduate Seminar Series.The department is pleased to announce top presenters for this year’s Graduate Student Seminar Series, as voted by attending first-year and third-year Ph.D. students:

Top Presenter
Nathan Fine
(Rochelle Group)
Nitrosamines in Amine Scrubbing

Nathan’s research focuses on the environmental impact of nitrosamines, known carcinogens, on the amine scrubbing process for carbon capture.

Josh Laber (Maynard Group)
Biochemical and Biophysical Characterization of a Low Viscosity Reversible Protein Nanocluster Platform

Josh’s research aims to biochemically characterize technology for delivering high concentrations of the types of protein therapeutics used to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases in low viscosity nano-sized clusters.

Alex Pak
 (Hwang Group)
Designing graphene-based electrodes for supercapacitors

Alex is advancing our understanding of interfacial phenomena near 2D carbon-based materials in order to help develop new strategies towards enhancing the energy storage capabilities of supercapacitors.

A special thanks to corporate partner representatives Chris Quinn (AkzoNobel), Jean Tom (Bristol-Myers Squibb),
Joan Schork (Air Products) and Bobby Laughlin (DuPont). We’re very grateful for these contributions that supported the program and recognized this seminar series. Thanks to all the speakers for their thoughtfulness in presenting, to graduate students Joseph Cheng and Brent Sherman for organizing these weekly seminars and to Professor Hal Alper for overseeing the program.

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