Dr. Brian Korgel Receives AIChE Nanoscale Science Engineering Forum Award

Dr. Brian Korgel in the labDr. Brian Korgel has been awarded the Nanoscale Science Engineering Forum Award of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), which recognizes outstanding contributions to the advancement of nanoscale science and engineering in the field of chemical engineering through scholarship, education or service. He will be presented the award for his pioneering contributions to the art of nanocrystal and nanowire synthesis, elucidation of fundamental aspects of self-assembly, and development of new technologies based on nanomaterials on Oct. 19 at the 2011 AIChE Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minn.

“Nanotechnology has now evolved to become one of the leading frontier areas of research in the field of chemical engineering, so it is a great honor to have our research contributions to nanotechnology in the field of chemical engineering recognized through this award,” Korgel said. “I believe it also highlights the exceptional quality of the chemical engineering program at UT Austin, and reflects its undauntedly progressive and pioneering approach to education and research aimed to prepare the next generation of thought-leaders in our field.”

Korgel’s research focuses on investigating size-tunable material properties, and the rational self-assembly and fabrication of nanostructures with atomic detail. This research finds applications in microelectronics and photonics, spintronics, coatings sensors and biotechnology. He is Temple Professor #1 and holds the Matthew Van Winkle Regents Professorship in Chemical Engineering.

About AIChE:
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