Honor a Professor

Since 1915, when Eugene Schoch started the Department of Chemical Engineering, it has been the professors who have defined the excellence of this program. Over the last nine decades, chemical engineering students have been educated by the brightest minds in the industry, and our professors rank among the legends of chemical engineering. In conjunction with the Challenge for McKetta campaign, there is an effort underway to honor many of these legendary professors by creating Endowed Graduate Fellowships in the memory or honor. If there was a professor in your life that made a difference, please consider designating your philanthropy to support one of these endowments. If  you don’t see your professor’s name, please contact Michael Barasch at (412) 720-4918 or on michael.barasch@austin.utexas.edu for information on how to get an endowment like this started in honor of your favorite mentor or advisor. Endowments already established or in progress:

Grant Willson Adam Heller James R. Fair
Tom Edgar Bob Schechter Don Paul
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