Dalia Alejandra Arriaga


Headshot of undergraduate Dalia ArriagaClassification: Senior

Hometown: Brownsville, Texas

Research Areas: Biotechnology, Environmental Engineering

What I will remember most about my time here: I will never forget the good friends I made in college. There is something about studying together for long hours that really brings people together. I will also miss working in the Undergraduate Office and the experience I had being a residential First-year Interest Group mentor.

The most interesting thing I’ve learned about chemical engineering: The most interesting thing I’ve learned about chemical engineering is the versatility of the field and how much it affects our daily lives, even though most people don’t notice it.

My plans after college: After college I’d like to travel to Europe for my last free summer with a few good friends, then get a job in industry and see where life takes me.

My advice for incoming freshman: All freshman should enjoy college, but always work your hardest. Meet as many different people as you can and take advantage of all the opportunities and experiences that come your way. In chemical engineering, it’s easy to let classes take over. Remember that this is the time to get to know yourself and grow as an individual.

Three things most people don’t know about me:

1. I like meeting successful individuals and identifying what personal traits they possess that led them to be successful.

2. I was in a rock and roll band in high school.

3. I aspire to see the world.

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