IGERT: Atomic and Molecular Imaging of Interfaces/Defects in Electronics, Spintronic and Organic/Inorganic Materials

The IGERT Program in Atomic and Molecular Imaging of Interfaces and Defects gives graduate students the opportunity to partake in research with internationally recognized experts to understand how interfaces and defects impact the local electronic structures and functionality of nanoscale electronic, spintronic, and organic/inorganic materials and how they impact the performance of devices based on these materials.

The two year program involves five departments (Chemistry and Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics) in the Colleges of Natural Sciences and the Cockrell School of Engineering.  Students take courses that cross specific disciplines and work in a setting in which they can develop diverse technical skills, broad scientific scope and team work skills.

Participants also receive guidance from professors who are experts in their respective fields and further training, including internship placements and additional mentoring in regions of the semiconductor industry and particular national laboratories.

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