Transfer Students

Nearly half of all chemical engineering graduates are transfer students. Students pursuing a different major at the university may apply to transfer into chemical engineering to be considered as an internal transfer. External transfer students come from other universities and institutions.

Internal transfers are handled by the Cockrell School of Engineering and the department.  External transfers are handled by the Office of Admissions. All transfers are based on the applicant’s academic record and available space.  Criteria for transferring may vary. Those admitted may be selected based on the number of applicants and the number of students graduating, or transferring out of chemical engineering.

Interested candidates should apply to transfer into the department early because program curriculum quickly evolves to specialized chemistry and chemical engineering courses. It may be an advantage to transfer upon completion of the equivalent sequences in calculus (M 408C & M 408D), chemistry (CH 301, CH 302, CH 204L, CH 618A, & CH 118K), English (RHE 306 & E 316K), and physics (PHY 303K, PHY 303L, PHY 103M, & PHY 103N).

Visit the Cockrell School of Engineering Undergraduate Admission page for a general overview of transfer information. For information regarding an internal transfer, contact the Office of Student Affairs in the Cockrell School of Engineering by calling (512) 471-4321 or visit the Change of Major web page. For information regarding external transfers, visit the Be A Longhorn Transfer Admissions webpage.

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