Energy is one of the most important problems currently facing humankind.  Our program is on the leading edge in discovering environmentally benign and renewable sources of energy to maintain current living standards and to accommodate the future growth in global population. This research area includes all aspects of energy production, utilization, and implementation including environmental and policy issues.

Students and professors work to generate fuels from solar energy, materials for photovoltaics, CO2 sequestration, and electrical energy storage. Analysis is also conducted on biofuels, atmospheric chemistry and environmental consequences, fuel cells, optimization of energy utilization, secondary and tertiary oil recovery, and catalysis and green chemistry.

We have great depth and diversity in the area of energy. Our faculty are some of the leading educators in materials and nanotechnology who continually demonstrate expertise in supervising all research to insure that advancements made in energy production and utilization will help society and future generations.


Allen, David T.
Alper, Hal
Chelikowsky, James R.
Baldea, Michael
Brennecke, Joan
Edgar, Thomas F.
Eldridge, R. Bruce
Ekerdt, John G.
Ganesan, Venkat
Hwang, Gyeong S.
Johnston, Keith P.
Keitz, Keith
Korgel, Brian A.
Lynd, Nathaniel 
Manthiram, Arumugam
Milliron, Delia
Mullins, Charles B.
Resasco, Joaquin
Rochelle, Gary T.
Sharma, Mukul
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