Ruth Crawford Staff Excellence Award

Alumni,Ruth Crawford faculty and staff endowed the award in 1991 to recognize senior staff member Ruth Crawford who devoted thirty years of exemplary service to The University of Texas at Austin and to the Department of Chemical Engineering.

“Crawford’s cooperative and pleasant demeanor allowed her to anticipate faculty and departmental needs and tend to them before others knew they existed, even while remaining continually busy in producing the Chemical Engineering Newsletter,” said Emeritus Professor Howard Rase.

One award is made annually in the amount of $2,000 to classified personnel of the Department of Chemical Engineering who have worked full-time for at least one year. The funds derive from the Ruth Crawford Staff Excellence Award Endowment.

The recipient is selected by a committee convened by the chairman and composed of one faculty member, one graduate student, and the previous year’s award recipient. Input is requested from faculty, staff and graduate students. The previous year’s recipient is not eligible for the award.

Ruth Crawford Staff Excellence Award Recipients

Jason Barborka (2020)
Marisa Meier (2019)
Melinda Heidenreich (2018)
Lizzie Miller (2017)
Shallaco McDonald (2016)
Kate Baird (2015)
Cynthia Figueroa (2014)
Randy Rife (2013)
Teri Sahba (2012)
Jim Smitherman (2011)
Patrick Danielewski (2010)
Kelly McQueary (2009)
Kevin Haynes (2008)
T Stockman (2007)
Randle Martin (2006)
Kay Costales-Swift (2005)
Dawn Mayfield (2004)
Chris Bailor (2003)
Majid Vadiei (2002)
Randy Rife (2001)
Tammy McDade (2000)
Eddie Ibarra (1999)
Kathleen Sparks (1998)
Edward Oliver (1997)
Eddie Ibarra (1996)
Vonda Totten (1995)
Norma Horn (1994)
Durrell Haynes (1993)
Elena Rodriguez (1992)


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