C. Grant Willson Reunion & Retirement Celebration











Friday, June 7, 2019
Engineering and Education Research Center (EER)
Mulva Auditorium – Level 0
2501 Speedway, Austin, TX 78712 

8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Opening comments Tom Edgar, on behalf of Alan Campion
9:20 AM Christopher M. Bates, Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara
Timeless Insight from GW: The Power of Chemistry in Materials Science
9:40 AM Christopher Ellison, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
Collaboration + Grant = Winning!
10:00 AM Keith Keitz, Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at Austin
Making Polymers with Electroactive Bacteria
10:20 AM BREAK
10:40 AM Tim Dallas, Professor, Texas Tech University
Small World
11:00 AM Xinyu Gu, Materials Scientist, Carbon, Inc
Fabricating with Light – A Continuous Journey
11:20 AM Michael Dickey, Alcoa Professor, NC State University
Unconventional Patterning: A Tribute to Grant Willson
11:40 AM David Meideros, Senior Director of Patterning, Global Foundries
Grant Willson, Chemically Amplified Resists and the Impact on the Semiconductor Industry
12:00 PM LUNCH
1:00 PM Scott Grayson,Professor, Tulane University
The Synthesis of a Few Macromolecules
1:20 PM Brian K. Long, Associate Professor, University of Tennessee
From one UT to Another: Science and Scientists Inspired by Prof. C. Grant Willson
1:40 PM Matt Colburn, Research Manager, Facebook Reality Labs
(Life) Lessons from Graduate School
2:00 PM Roger T. Bonnecaze, Professor, The University of Texas at Austin
My Journey in Microelectronics with Grant Willson
2:40 PM Nathaniel Lynd, Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at Austin
Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries
3:00 PM Tsutomu Shimokawa, Professional of Strategic Research and Intellectual Property, JSR Corp., Yokkaichi  Japan
JSR Longhorns – Willson Collaboration Memory
3:2o  PM Michael Hale, Senior Director at The Boston Consulting Group & Dominic Clausi, Senior Vice President, ExxonMobil Chemical
Blowing Stuff Up
4:00 PM  C. Grant Willson
5:00 PM  Closing Remarks

*Walk to Etter-Harbin Alumni Center for reception.

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