Morgan Kelley Receives Prestigious DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship

Graduate Student Morgan KelleyTexas ChE graduate student Morgan Kelley has been named a 2017 Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellow (DOE CSGF) by the Krell Institute for her research to improve the efficiency of power grids and save energy.

The prestigious DOE CSGF program was established in 1991 and trains the next generation of leaders in computational science in the United States. Fellows are provided up to four years of financial support for pursuing doctoral degrees in fields of study that use high-performance computing to solve complex problems in science and engineering.

One of 20 DOE CSGF Fellows named this year, Kelley is the only researcher currently working in the process systems field. Her interdisciplinary research advised by Chemical Engineering Assistant Professor Michael Baldea and Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Ross Baldick focuses on creating methods and models for modulating electricity use by industrial consumers to mitigate fluctuations in demand against the power grid. Her production scheduling strategies—and the associated large-scale computational solution algorithms— will allow chemical plants to function as grid-level batteries, storing energy in the form of product molecules.

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