Four Undergraduates Named Centennial Scholars

Undergraduate Centennial Scholars Rohan Makhija, Jade Jackson, Marissa Ronquillo and Nicholas CurtisThanks to the generosity of our gold-level centennial partners, the department has recently awarded four Centennial Scholarships of $1,250 each to outstanding and deserving Texas undergraduate students. Please learn about the awardees, Rohan, Jade, Marissa and Nicholas, below.





Centennial Scholar Jade JacksonTexas ChE Involvement: President of the National Society of Black Engineers, Peer Advisor for Texas ChE Undergraduate Advising Office, Tutor for chemistry and calculus through Equal Opportunity in Engineering Program, Director of Operations for Texas Black Women in Science and Engineering.
Scholarship Use: To cover school and tuition expenses for the school year, and to save some of the scholarship to begin student loan payments.
From Jade: “Chemical engineering at UT has not been an easy journey, but it has been a rewarding one, and I am grateful for all of the allies and friends I have made along the way. Thank you to all of the donors who have made this possible, and I encourage you to continue supporting students from all backgrounds to pursue excellence at Texas ChE.”

Centennial Scholar Rohan MakhijaTexas ChE Involvement: Undergraduate Research Assistant for Dr. Chris Ellison’s Lab, Top 10 Finalist for the Fall 2015 Undergraduate Poster Competition, Undergraduate Research Assistant for Dr. Nate Lynd’s Polymer Group.
Scholarship Use: To ease the finances of my education.
From Rohan: “The Centennial Scholarship validates the effort I have put into my academic, extracurricular and work/internship experiences. I feel merit scholarships are very motivating for students who do not qualify for need-based scholarships, and this keeps me motivated to continue doing a great job. Being part of the Centennial Scholarship is an honor and I thank all of the donors and Texas ChE.”

Centennial Scholar Nicholas CurtisTexas ChE Involvement: Undergraduate Reseacher for Dr. Lydia Contreras, Student Worker for the Texas ChE Administrative Office and the Undergraduate Office, Vice President of Student Engineers Educating Kids, and Social Chair for OXE.
Scholarship Use: To help pay the cost of college tuition and housing.
From Nicholas: “This scholarship, without a doubt, is invaluable to me. Paying for college is no easy feat and I have previously worked in order to supplement the cost of this experience. While I will not be quitting work, this will allow me to focus more on my chemical engineering studies, rather than the means of how to provide for myself. A personal thank you to each donor because the massive difference this scholarship makes in my life is thanks to you.”

Centennial Scholar Marissa RonquilloTexas ChE Involvement: Press Secretary for AIChE, Service Coordinator for AIChE
Scholarship Use: To fund my last semester at UT.
From Marissa: “It’s really an honor to have received this scholarship because it means to me that people in my department believe in me and want to see me succeed. Thank you for taking some of the worry of paying for college off of my shoulders and affording me the opportunity to take full advantage of all the great things at UT and specifically Texas ChE.”
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