Top Presenters Announced for the 2015-2016 Graduate Student Seminar Series

Winners of the Graduate Seminar Series, Nick Morse, Emily Adkins and Michelle DoseThe department is pleased to announce top presenters for this year’s Graduate Student Seminar Series, as voted by attending first-year and third-year Ph.D. students:

Top Presenter
Emily Adkins (Korgel Group)
Direct observation of germanium sodiation by in-situ TEM

Emily’s research advances knowledge of sodium as an alternative to lithium in batteries through the direction observation of the sodiation of germanium.

Nick Morse (Alper Group)
Developing a universal workflow for engineering microbes

Nick’s research aims to develop a generalizable workflow for designing synthetic hybrid promoters in yeast in order to improve protein production in biotechnology and metabolic engineering applications.

Michelle Dose (Freeman Group)
Polymer membranes for oelfin/paraffin separations

Michelle’s research focuses on developing a fundamental understanding of the transport of small molecules through polymer based membranes, with an eventual goal of using such materials to reduce the energy consumption of large scale gas phase separations.

A special thanks to corporate partner representatives Chris Quinn (AkzoNobel), Jean Tom (Bristol-Myers Squibb) and Bobby Laughlin (DuPont). We are very grateful for partner contributions and support of this seminar series.

Thanks to all the speakers for their thoughtfulness in presenting, to graduate students Michelle Dose and Kelly Markham for organizing these weekly seminars and to Professor Hal Alper for overseeing the program.

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