Grad Students Place 1st, 2nd in UT Energy Week Research Contest

Graduate students Abigail Ondeck, Sean Wood, Ankur Kumar and Krystian Perez pose with their horns up in front of the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering building.Four Texas ChE graduate students placed among the top two in their respective categories at the 2016 UT Energy Week Student Research Contest, held Feb. 18 in the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center at the UT Austin campus.

The research contest, hosted by the Longhorn Energy Club, was divided into four competition categories: environmental and sustainability; energy economics, law, communication and policy; renewable energy and energy storage; and fossil fuels and by-products.

The Texas ChE Research Contest winners are:

Ankur Kumar, 1st Place
Energy Economics, Law, Communication, and Policy
Poster title: Optimal Sensor Placement for Energy Efficient Operation of Industrial H2 Plants through Smart Manufacturing
Professors: Dr. Thomas F. Edgar, Dr. Michael Baldea

Sean Wood, 1st Place
Category: Renewable Energy & Energy Storage
Poster Title: Simple Additive Could Enable the Use of Lithium Metal Anodes and Increase Battery Capacity by 10x
Professors: Dr. Buddie Mullins, Dr. Adam Heller

Abigail Ondeck, 2nd Place
Category: Energy Economics, Law, Communication, and Policy
Poster title: District Combined Heat and Power and Photovoltaic Generation: Simultaneous Design and Operational Optimization
Professors: Dr. Thomas F. Edgar, Dr. Michael Baldea

Krystian Perez, 2nd Place
Category:¬†–¬†Environment and Sustainability
Poster title: Analysis and Mitigation of High-Impact Residential Energy Loads from Smart Meter Data
Professors: Dr. Thomas F. Edgar, Dr. Michael Baldea

The posters were scored by a panel of judges from academia and industry. Each first place winner was awarded $1,000, while each second place winner was awarded $500.

This was the second annual UT Energy Week organized by UT Austin’s Energy Institute, Longhorn Energy Club and KBH Center for Energy, Law & Business. The week featured a series of insightful panel discussions, prominent keynote speakers and the latest in energy research findings from some of the world’s leading energy experts.

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