In honor of our centennial year, the department has commissioned a film to capture its rich history spanning 1915-2015, a period that saw dramatic societal changes, two world wars, advances in medicine, food production on a massive scale, textile and clothing creation, safer traveling conditions, exploration, and a better life for much of the world.

These history-making events were, in part, the result of a quiet revolution that largely came to fruition in America at the dawn of the 20th century – chemical engineering. While the Germans were ahead of the curve in other kinds of engineering, like mechanical and electrical, it was the Americans who really pioneered the field of chemical engineering. American universities, and particularly the University of Texas, were at the forefront. In many ways, academic chemical engineers have been the heroes behind the scenes, helping to make America the prosperous and resilient nation it is today.

“What starts here changes the world” is a phrase often said on the Forty Acres. This documentary will illustrate this motto vividly while exploring stories of the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering – a department that’s affecting the world today more than ever before.

The half-hour documentary, produced by Emmy-winning independent film studio Alpheus Media, was premiered at the Centennial Gala Saturday, April 16, 2016.



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