T Stockman Retires As Graduate Coordinator

T Stockman (center, wearing a sombrero) poses with faculty at her fiesta themed retirement partyT Stockman has been the graduate coordinator in the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering for 24 years—she’s guided hundreds of students through the program from beginning to end, helped recruit top students from around the world and facilitated a successful track record of graduate fellowships.  The department recently celebrated her career and her retirement.

“T’s support over the years has helped make the graduate program what it is today-a top-five program in the nation,” said Isaac Sanchez, graduate advisor.

Standing tall at 4’10, T is known for her knowledge on university regulations, eagerness to help students succeed and for keeping a mug of ice tea on her desk at all times. She’s served under five department chairs and six graduate advisors.

T Stockman with her daughter-in-law Monica, step son RJ (back right), and grandsons Ray (back left) and Michael (front right)“T has been a great asset for graduate students,” said Bill Liechty, a graduate research fellow. “She is always willing to help.  Her skill navigating university administrative functions has been remarkable— she can solve nearly any issue with a single phone call. She was instrumental in helping me secure a number of travel grants and fellowships from the Cockrell School of Engineering, one of which helped me travel to China to attend the World Biomaterials Congress. Her kind encouragement and dedication to the graduate students have made her a great ambassador for the department.”

Following her official retirement date of March 8, T will be taking a trip to the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas with her grandsons, Ray and Michael.  She also has trips planned to Washington, D.C. and London, England.

T Stockman and her partner of more than 30 years Bob Savicki“I’ve worked all my life so retirement will be an adjustment,” T said.  “I’m looking forward to spending more time with family, particularly my two grandsons, travelling and completing projects around the house.

“The department has grown so much over the years-it’s been good to be a part of it,” she said.  “There have been some ups and downs, but the good far outweighs the bad.  I really cherish the friendships I have made here and have really enjoyed working with the students.”

T plans on keeping in touch with colleagues and former students through email and Facebook.  Prior to working in the department, she was a secretary for Senator Lloyd Benson.

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