ChE Over 65s Luncheon Showcases Lithium-Ion Battery Research

ChE Over 65s get their horns up

The ChE Over 65s met for their bi-annual luncheon at the Austin Women’s Club on Monday where Professor Buddie Mullins’ presented his research to improve lithium-ion batteries.

The group, all ChE alums over the age of 65, enjoyed a clever chemical engineering rendition of “Let it Snow” performed a cappella by Teresa Sipes Hurley, B.S. ‘77, before listening to Mullins’ presentation entitled “Progress in Silicon Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries”.

“Buddie made an outstanding presentation,” said Professor Emeritus, and event host, John McKetta.  “The luncheon is a way for alumni to stay engaged with the department and be informed about some of the great research our faculty and students are producing.”

Mullins explained how he and his team are working alongside Professor Adam Heller to improve the performance of silicon anodes in lithium-ion batteries to reduce charge time, increase long term cyclability and improve safety.  The research could lead to better lithium-ion batteries for the electric car industry, providing cheaper power sources that provide a larger driving range. Electric car advancements would greatly reduce the nation’s dependency on foreign oil and car emissions.

“I think chemical engineers are very productive,” said Tom Ashcraft, B.S. ‘56.  “Engineers learn how to achieve- how to analyze a problem and how to solve it.”

Fifty four alums and friends of the department attended the event, most from Austin or the central Texas area.  “I come to the luncheon to enjoy a good laugh,” said Sam Crowther, B.S. ‘57.  “It’s a lot of fun to see everybody and to try and learn a little bit about what is happening in the department.”

“Oh, I try and come to every luncheon,” Ashcraft said enthusiastically.  “I really enjoy it.”

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ChE Over 65s luncheon slideshow, courtesy of Sam Crowther.

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