Administrative Resources

  • Room reservations are now handled via an online request. Please see the Room Reservation information.
  • Presentation Cart– We now have a mobile presentation cart that can be reserved for teleconferencing needs. Click here to learn more about or reserve the presentation cart.
  • Departmental Purchasing System- The department uses an online internal request system for purchasing. You can read more about the system here.
  • Travel and Entertainment Requests– The department uses UT’s online request system for all Travel Authorizations/Reimbursements and Entertainment Reimbursements. Information on UT’s request system can be found here.
  • Copy request– Use the Copy Form to request copy duplication of your course materials. The secure form allows you to upload the item to be copied. You can choose how you would like the copies delivered. This ensures course materials remain secure, and that materials are copied promptly.
  • Poster printing is available for all Chemical Engineering sponsored research. Click here to learn more about poster printing.
  • All undergraduate students working in a Chemical Engineering laboratory must complete the necessary safety training modules before working. Please ensure all unpaid students working in a lab complete a Volunteer Application form . Completed forms should be sent to the departmental HR staff.
  • Request for Outside Employment– All faculty and staff must complete a Request for Outside Employment Form if they are involved in any paid activity such as, but not necessarily limited to, consulting, advising, testing or assaying, performing analyses or examinations, the practice of one’s profession, or similar work performed in addition to the official responsibilities of a full-time employee.
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