Darrious Betts

Headshot of undergraduate Darious BettsClassification: Senior

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Research Area: Process Engineering

What I think is unique about this department:  Students always go out of their way to help you with assignments or help you choose classes. The faculty and staff are amazing, from the expert machinist in the machine shop to staff in the Undergraduate Office. I like how the faculty are very accessible to students. Most teachers have office hours and are happy to help students by scheduling extra time for tutoring. It’s like a big family.

What I like about chemical engineering: Chemical engineering is one of the best majors because of the combination of chemistry, physics and math.  You can easily work outside or in an office, and who do you think is in charge of making cookies and Legos in mass quantities? Chemical engineers.

My part-time job and internship: I had an internship with Proctor & Gamble over the summer. It’s an interesting experience to see how consumers help design future products. I spent most of my time in an office, so it is completely different than my part-time job at the machine shop. I think everybody should try an internship at least once.

Student organizations I am involved in: I have been involved in a lot of organizations, from AIChE’s Chem-E-Car to Habitat for Humanity. My favorite organizations to participate in have been the Special Olympics and  Habitat for Humanity.

Three things most people don’t know about me:

1. I enjoy reading anything from poetry to sci-fi novels. My favorite poem is a toss-up between ‘If’, by Rudyard Kipling and “712,” by Emily Dickinson.  When it comes to books, my top three favorite books are “Blue Light,” by Walter Mosley, “Replay” by Ken Grimwood, and “Dancing after hours,” by Andre Dubus.

2.  I am really, really awesome. I just hide it well.

3. The fastest way to my heart is cookies.

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