Liz Deily


Liz Deily puts her horns up! Classification: Junior

Hometown: Cypress, Texas

Research areas: Water Resources, Environmental Engineering

My favorite class: I loved Organic Chemistry. People give it a bad reputation, but it is so interesting to know why and how reactions occur that impact your daily life. I also liked Introduction to Chemical Engineering Anaylsis because it is the first glimpse you get into chemical engineering problems. It made me realize that things I would be studying in the rest of my degree plan would be really useful in many different fields.

What I like about chemical engineering: I like how broad and practical it is. You can do anything from oil and gas or chemical production to cosmetics or the food industry. It’s all very interesting and I think the material we learn gives us a good base to apply wherever we end up after college. It is a challenging major, but definitely worth it.

What I love about Austin: With The University of Texas at Austin, downtown, and Town Lake all in close proximity, you can go to class, kayak and see a concert all in one day. The music scene is great and there are so many different types of people represented here. It’s a very open culture.

What I do in my spare time: Chemical engineering is a pretty time consuming major, but there is definitely time to enjoy life. I love trying different local restaurants, going to concerts, cooking for my friends, climbing trees, and just having fun in general.

Three things most people don’t know about me:

1. I was my high school mascot.

2. Pancakes are my favorite food.

3. I want to be a part of bringing clean water to third world countries.

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