Producing renewable liquid fuels and chemicals, creating and delivering new medicines for curing disease, and growing cells for transplant and stem cell therapies are among many contemporary issues that can be solved through biotechnology. Engineering biological and biomimetic systems can revolutionize the biotechnology and medical industry in areas such as biochemicals and biofuels production, biosensors and imaging, therapeutic drug design and delivery, personalized medicine, tissue engineering, cancer, and stem cell therapies.

Our research uses sound engineering principles to understand fundamental biomolecular, cellular, and metabolic processes. This creates new solutions relevant to the biotechnological, pharmaceutical, and life science industries. As a whole, our research emphasis and expertise cover many areas including protein engineering, cellular and metabolic engineering, biomolecular engineering, bionanotechnology, biosensors, biomaterials, and drug design and delivery.

Our contributions are evident in the areas of drug delivery, biomaterials, cellular engineering, mass transfer, kinetics and reaction engineering, biopolymers and biomedical engineering and can be found in major scientific journals, including Science, Nature, Nature Biotechnology, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Our collaborations with pharmacy, chemistry, biology, natural sciences, and local medical schools allow for enhanced biotechnological research that continuously impacts the lives of many people.


Alper, Hal
Belardi, Brian
Bonnecaze, Roger T.
Contreras, Lydia
Georgiou, George
Heller, Adam
Johnston, Keith P.
Keitz, Keith
Lynd, Nathaniel
Maynard, Jennifer
Peppas, Nicholas A.
Rosales, Adrianne
Truskett, Thomas M.
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