Lab Rules

  1. Sleeping in the labs is prohibited.
  2. Work quietly-do notĀ disturb others.
  3. You can only be logged onto one workstation at a time.
  4. You must use your own UTEID.
  5. Any attempt to bypass security can result in loss of privileges.
  6. Illegal copying of proprietary software is prohibited.
  7. You must log out of your workstation before leaving the facility.
  8. Do not leave your workstation unattended.
  9. You must use headphones (with 1/8″ jack) if you use a CD. The labs do not provide CDs or headphones.
  10. If you are playing games, using Facebook, or accessing inappropriate content you may be asked to log out.
  11. Do not remove lab materials or manualsĀ from the facility.




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