Hardware and Software

The following hardware is available throughout the computer labs:

49  Dell Optiplex 960 desktop computers (Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 22 -inch Dell Ultra Sharp Widescreen Flat Panel)
2  Lexmark T654 Printers
1  Lexmark C734 color printer
1  Lexmark X736 digital scanner, PDF sender

Each PC has the following software installed:

Company Application Version Description
AspenTech Aspen Plus V7.2 Process modeling tool; design, optimize, monitor
AspenTech Economic Evaluation V7.3 Evaluate capital investment projects
AspenTech Process Development V7.2 Process Development
AspenTech Process Modeling V7.3 Process Modeling
CACHE Polymath EDU V6.10 Numerical solutions
CutePDF CutePDF 2.8 Create PDF files
Fluent FlowLab V1.2.14 Simulation modeling
Granta CES EduPack 2010 V6.2.0 Materials selection for engineering designs
Mathworks MATLAB R2010b Technical computing and programming language
Mathworks Statistics_Toolbox R2010b Statistics tools
Mathworks Optimization_Toolbox R2010b Provides common algorithms for optimization
Mathworks PDE_Toolbox R2010b Partial Differential Equation study and solution
Mathworks Neural_Network_Toolbox R2010b Neural Network design and analysis
Mathworks Simulink R2010b Modeling, simulating, and analyzing dynamic systems
Mathworks Control_Toolbox R2010b Modeling, analyzing, and designing control systems
Mathworks MPC_Toolbox R2010b Model Predictive Control design and analysis
Mathworks Identification_Toolbox R2010b Linear and nonlinear dynamic models
Mathworks Compiler R2010b Convert MATLAB programs into applications
Microsoft Access 2010 Office Suite
Microsoft Excel 2010 Office Suite
Microsoft InfoPath Designer 2010 Office Suite
Microsoft Visio 2010 Office Suite
Microsoft OneNote 2010 Office Suite
Microsoft Outlook 2010 Office Suite
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Office Suite
Microsoft Publisher 2010 Office Suite
Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 Office Suite
Microsoft Word 2010 Office Suite
Palisade RISK Optimizer V5.5 Simulation optimization add-in for Microsoft Excel
Palisade @RISK V5.5 Risk and decision analysis
Palisade Precision Tree V5.5 Quantitative decision analysis in Microsoft Excel
Palisade Neural Tools V5.5 Predictions based on patterns in known data
Palisade Stat Tools V5.5 Powerful statistics toolset for Microsoft Excel
Palisade Evolver V5.5 Genetic algorithm optimization for Microsoft Excel
Palisade Top Rank V5.5 “What if” sensitivity analysis
SAS JMP V8.0.2 Statistical discovery
Wolfram Mathematica V8.0 Computational software
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